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Animation of >>1504912
safe1753005 artist:ncmares715 artist:szafir87132 twilight sparkle306467 pony1012721 unicorn343301 :t3870 animated100981 book34604 bookhorse578 cheek fluff5956 cheek rub34 chest fluff41336 cinemagraph378 cute205989 daaaaaaaaaaaw4700 ear fluff31298 eyes closed98346 female1404046 filly69794 filly twilight sparkle2776 fluffy14724 gif32189 heart50107 hnnng2480 hug29174 simple background409971 sitting65684 smiling261787 solo1095967 squishy cheeks2481 szafir87 is trying to murder us28 that pony sure does love books1170 twiabetes12288 unicorn twilight18756 white background102691 younger17786


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