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Animation of >>1504912
safe1556803 artist:ncmares703 artist:szafir87124 twilight sparkle279993 pony827920 unicorn258214 :t3692 animated91068 book30180 bookhorse494 cheek fluff4231 cheek rub26 chest fluff31591 cinemagraph373 cute173480 dawwww412 ear fluff22594 eyes closed78532 female881039 filly58446 filly twilight sparkle2418 fluffy12658 gif27459 heart42507 hnnng2239 hug25092 simple background338328 sitting53886 smiling210195 solo960252 squishy cheeks2044 szafir87 is trying to murder us19 that pony sure does love books1061 twiabetes9948 unicorn twilight12319 white background84957 younger15482


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