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safe1585772 artist:dusthiel679 fluttershy199662 fairy808 semi-anthro10815 atg 2018725 blushing177670 clothes414387 cute181115 ear fluff24166 fairy wings425 female1185754 gossamer wings59 hair bun2921 hair over one eye8225 hair tie696 looking at you147580 newbie artist training grounds5581 one eye closed26017 shoes30992 shyabetes11939 simple background348821 smiling217961 solo981928 species swap17618 tinkerbell85 transparent background181045 wings81150 wink22034


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The atg was about drawing a ponified version of a fairy tale / Draw a legendary pony, so I'm doubtful that he will. You can always go to the source and directly ask him since he's not on this site.
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Do you plan on drawing the other members of the Mane 6 (and possibly Sunset or Starlight) as the other fairies or Spike as Peter Pan?