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Meet Thunder Rock :3

She's tied as the oldest sibling of Limestone Pie and Lightning Dust, with her twin brother Jasper.

She’s a punk rocker, very tomboyish, and also plays guitar, and is also the lead singer of a band she has made up of her friend.

She doesn't like girly things, and she is also not that bright. Very hot headed and stubborn, although this normally ends up biting her in the ass.

She can some off as a bit of a jerk, but she has her moments of kindness.
safe1657078 artist:macadoptables19 artist:meimisuki95 oc654236 oc only432411 oc:thunder rock8 pegasus272752 pony921423 icey-verse629 base used18185 boots20822 clothes441852 ear piercing24539 earring19899 eyeshadow14699 female1320309 jewelry58747 magical lesbian spawn11307 makeup20176 mare457619 next generation5873 offspring36867 parent:lightning dust272 parent:limestone pie471 parents:limedust36 piercing38814 shoes34315 simple background377095 socks63704 solo1032305 stockings31175 tattoo5188 thigh highs34136 white background93471


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