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T minus 3 days till the 19th episode of season 8 starts (Australia)

This weekend will be great and powerful

safe1598365 edit121408 edited screencap58523 screencap208463 trixie63355 pony867752 unicorn278176 no second prances1756 road to friendship1499 season 8810 spoiler:s08769 cape9343 clothes418949 countdown271 cute183227 female1271345 happy28362 hat78193 messy2085 smiling220704 solo990843 text52612 this will end in trixie4 trixie's cape3438 trixie's hat4225


not provided yet


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Background Pony #859F
I'm sure the uploader is in the U.S. I already know it's on Friday, August 17 for the U.S. MY BODY IS READY
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Mal Hearts
@Background Pony #7851
Okay. I haven't gone to any convention, except Tokyo in Tulsa 2017, do to money… As in, I don't have the money to attend big conventions. I'm hoping I'll be able to attend the final big BronyCon… I'm going to go as Soundwave from Transformers G1 for one day, but the other cosplays are secret.
Background Pony #859F
I'm hoping if this episode is what Kelly Sheridan was talking about since Babscon 2018