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She still has some saucy MidnightTwi in her.
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@Background Pony #32BE
Just like what @marik_azemus34 has predicted, pony Sci-Twi doesn’t have wings and she has when ponied up because…
[Princess Sci-Twi
Seems a little odd that the Equestria Girls version of Twilight Sparkle would have wings while Sunset Shimmer doesn’t, huh? I never really thought of it that much, but a lot of people seem bothered by this. So, I did some thinking.
Well, in the first Equestria Girls movie, it’s implied that the EG counterparts channel the power of their pony counterparts whenever they ‘pony up’. That’s why Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash get wings while the other girls don’t, and horns would just look weird on a human. EG Twilight channels Princess Twilight’s power. Princess Twilight has wings, ergo, Human Twilight gets wings. Frankly, I think it would be more confusing if she DIDN’T get wings.
While you can make a case for Sunset Shimmer deserving those wings, they wouldn’t carry the same symbolic weight as they do in Equestria. In the EG world, there is no triad of unicorns, pegasi, and earth ponies, and there are no alicorns. There are only those with magic and those without. Human Twilight having wings doesn’t mean anything beyond her being linked to her pony counterpart.
Background Pony #E43E
midnight sparkle cameo That is quite obvious since midnight is part of sci twilight and that the culprit of the creation of midnight sparkle is abacus cinch to force sci twilight to release the magic during the friendship games sci twilight and midnight interact at the same time as pinkie and pinkamena As happened in equestria girls and rainbow rocks  
Although surely abacus will be planning to take revenge of midnight sparkle since she showed how it is in truth cinch a weak and cowardly woman and that to abacus hurt her in her pride above all by the humiliation that happened at the end of the friendship games by celestia luna the decan cadence sunset sci twilight especially by the rainbooms and shadowbolts but sure who is going to revenge first will be from sugarcoat since she was the one who told him to manipulate sci twilight and release the magic to become a magical maniatic creature that Almost part to the world in half just to win a stupid game