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The Honeycomb Hive is known to prefer hot and humid rain forests. In contrast to other hives they dont necessarily build their lair underground, but may simply hollow out trees. They are less actively aggressive than other hives (of which the Chrysalis Hive is the most aggressive) and more seldom venture outside their designated area. Their favourite method of trapping creatures is to disguise themselves as dancing females and to lure males into their traps. Those are especially sticky since the hive has an affinity for sweet nectar — and blood. They usually wait for their target to weaken inside the trap, so they can more easily apply hypnosis spells. If they are not outside dancing and creature walks into a trap all by its own, it may take a worker weeks to notice it, which usually leaves a lot of creatures to die in the humid heat.

Nobody has seen their queen yet, but she is said to be rather beautiful — for a changeling.


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Why can't we have one that interacts with ponies. You know, they let them live in exchange for service as disposable laborers (for drones) or as spies and stuff?