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A long overdue request.

Better copy of a recent upload.
safe1691713 artist:40kponyguy762 derpibooru exclusive28079 rainbow dash232365 scootaloo51029 pegasus286156 pony953362 avengers: infinity war238 clothes454253 cosplay27586 costume27200 ear fluff28896 happy30839 iron man453 looking at each other19806 marvel1431 requested art1338 spider-man1786 traditional art116953


not provided yet


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Background Pony #1C54
Rainbow Dash: I.. am.. Iron Mare!

Rainbow Dash snaps her hooves

Spiderloo: Rainbow Dash, we did it! We won, Rainbow Dash!
Background Pony #E74E
Nightmare Moon snaps(?) her hooves

Spiderloo: Rainbow Dash… I don’t feel so good.