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safe1751496 artist:moonatik869 princess cadance33157 alicorn233046 pony1011429 female1402750 food73038 implied shining armor366 mare502613 meat1961 peetzer123 pepperoni431 pepperoni pizza416 pizza2013 ponies eating meat1005 simple background409505 solo1095027 speech3180 tempting fate170 that pony sure does love pizza123 transparent background209011


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Word Bug

@Lord Seraph
Edible in small amounts?

Anyway, it’s probably more a reference to Jargon Scott and JTPones’ ongoing series about Cadance and pizza. Pepperoni, unsurprisingly, can be made without pork.

Chocolate’s deadly to humans too, it’s just a dog’s LD50 is much lower than a human’s. Horses, thanks to their larger size, can have more than a dog. Or just use white chocolate, which has basically none of the dangerous chemical.