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Background Pony #9847
Twilight Peach Sparkle: were My lovely Flash Mario Sentry? is 4 hour i wait for him! he never be late befor?
Guard: he kidnape by bowser sombra!
Twilight Peach Sparkle: WHAT?
Guard: i think he kidnape him for make sure he not be in the way to kidnape you?
Twilight Peach Sparkle: Ok! he ask for it!
Guard: Were you goin Princess?
twilight Peach Sparkle: Save him of Course! i will show Bowser Sombra i not easy to capture!

and were start the adventure of SUPER PRINCESS Twilight PEACH SPARKLE!
Warning! this will end worst for this bowser sombra! what princess peach a done is nothing to compare twily!

Now I want to see an episode where the citizens of Ponyville need Twilight's help when she's away visiting Celestia or Cadance, just so we can get Spike saying "Sorry, the princess is in another castle."