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Dash and Flutter Weight Gain Drive Part 3
Bit of a fast start for Dashu, has to catch up with Shy after all. Not like she doesn’t like things fast anyways lol.
Sorry for the slowness of these, I’ll probably have more time to work on them now so things should be at least a little faster. I’m gonna shoot for 6 parts at least, we’ll see how it goes.
suggestive170629 artist:graphenescloset744 fluttershy236079 rainbow dash257422 pegasus396509 pony1299400 series:dash and flutters weight gain drive13 absurd resolution70765 adorafatty376 belly35099 belly button94274 belly grab267 big belly15842 burp2419 cake11415 chubby15232 comic122622 dialogue78844 duo108255 duo female18911 eclair124 fat25698 fattershy1299 feeding tube542 female1582316 fetish48452 floppy ears63604 food86160 force feeding967 gulp363 hoof on belly406 hose1809 incentive drive329 magic85310 magic aura6324 mutual gain26 note expansion119 obese13479 on back29179 open mouth193753 pie3764 rainblob dash999 spread wings73416 squishy3155 stuffed1951 stuffing1401 tongue out126604 underhoof61017 wavy mouth4695 weight gain5096 weight gain sequence1427 wings169769


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Background Pony #6E7D
Don’t worry about the speed I’m sure folks understand, the fact that you draw this great art is enough for me.
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never big enough
If Dash is already feeling bloated, I can’t imagine how she’ll feel a few pages from now. Because she’s just getting started.