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Do you know how to play senet?
Oh…I would give everything for a board game. (Civilization 5 does not count, every evening I play in it)
If you want to know more about the senet
UPD 15:01 UTC+3: Some anatomy changes Shy face
safe1861406 artist:discordthege308 somnambula2129 pegasus356213 pony1205706 alternate hairstyle31197 bed46291 board game418 crescent moon2131 female1501042 game4133 looking at you196215 mare557068 moon26014 night30033 pillow20693 prone28473 senet3 smiling297099 solo1182798 underhoof57861


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Oh yes I love when discordthege does Somnambula, awesome high quality art for one of the most beautiful pegasi ever in the show.
This piece has special meaning for sure, drools for that underhoof.