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safe1705855 artist:daspacepony5 artist:kitkatyj10 applejack169852 fluttershy212595 pinkie pie216159 rainbow dash233896 rarity181782 starlight glimmer48641 trixie67469 twilight sparkle300276 alicorn224339 earth pony248547 pegasus291567 pony967035 unicorn323057 animated98608 cloak4281 clothes459395 cowboy hat15859 cutie mark47711 female1362528 floppy ears52292 flying38129 gif31035 hat86807 hooves17838 horn67167 lineless3813 mare480245 night26335 night sky1789 open mouth145727 riding7482 rocket821 sitting63197 sky14147 spread wings54691 toy interpretation268 trixie's rocket112 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123636 wings107284 youtube link4975


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Background Pony #2F31
Everyone's getting a rocket!

And then Spike comes flying on a tiny, unimpressive mini-rocket with training wheels…

Poor Spike! 😢

But wait! He has wings now! He's been upgraded! So he deserves an upgraded rocket! 😆