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Since the chalk drawing at GalaCon 2017 was enjoyed by many GalaCon visitors I was highly motivated to take a big bag of chalks along again this year.
I also want to thank the bronies who supported this by either bringing along some chalk of their own, by previously donating (this is how much of the more color intensive but also more expensive chalk could be part of the action this year), or by donating into a treasure box (I'm going to upload images of that one later on ;)) I had brought along.
This Canni Soda was the first drawing I made after arriving on Friday, 27th of July.
Her chin looks a little reddish because she got a little sunburn in the smoldering heat (it has totally nothing to do with any need for me to correct an originally way too wide mouth :p).
I was very happy that very soon some bronies joined me and I was particularly impressed with a beautiful Starlight Glimmer which an Asian brony drew who had never drawn with chalk before. Encouraging people to give something new a try and seeing them succeed and enjoying it really always makes my day :D.
This drawing as well as all the others drawn on Friday or Saturday morning didn't last long because there were two showers on Saturday, the first moderate enough to leave the drawings restorable, but the second washing them mostly away.
However, the result was a clean slate and the bronies of the GalaCon made very good use of it on Sunday.
During the chalk drawing I saw two drones flying around. In case one or both of them took any pictures or videos I would be most interested to see them :)


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