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suggestive143293 artist:sundown1540 applejack170158 rainbow dash234257 human154915 applebutt4353 ass49245 clothes460676 exclamation point3798 female1365835 freckles28952 hat87070 humanized100172 jacqueline applebuck294 large butt16824 looking at you169146 looking back57588 looking back at you14785 pants14591 rainbutt dash3658 shoes36852 simple background394472 sitting63423 size difference14327 smoldash178 the ass was fat13862 white background98194 winged humanization8702 wings107935


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In Treue fest
Sundown's humanizations are always top quality. Love the tattoos and earring on Dash and heavily freckled AJ.
Of course, those magnificent haunches can't be overlooked either.
Background Pony #3D6E
Thats the thing some folk don't realize, RD isn't flat, she just has the lower tier of booty, whats known as the 'bubble butt'. The difference is almost like weaponry. AJ's got 'DAT ASS', the top tier, which is like a anti-tank rifle; big n out there for the whole world to see no matter how hard they try to ignore it, where as RD is more like a concealed weapon, like a police baton or brass knuckle; y' don't know she has it til she takes it out to use it =u=