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Un gran alboroto frente al escenario y algo que llama la atención de Dusk.

Página con el capítulo 29

Si comentas, ¡Gracias!  eso me motiva a continuar 
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If it’s half r63 shipping, then the Twixie tag is also not needed.

Seriously, I know the characters are genderswapped, but i think Rule 63 ships should be go alone without the normal fandom-canon ship tag.
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Apple Frost
Dusk Shine: Applejack? Rainbow Dash?

Rarity: I told them I was going to go for Dusk. It would not be necessary for them to face her.

Dusk Shine: Wait a minute. Who is ’Her’?

Pinkie Pie: I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you!

Trixie: There’s no one who dares to challenge…

Dusk Shine: She… She is…
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