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This wallpaper fits so well with them
The vectors belongs to their respective artists
The vectors can be found here
safe1861466 artist:keronianniroro190 artist:lifes-remedy212 artist:mandash199681 artist:masem721 edit146565 starlight glimmer52689 sunset shimmer68857 twilight sparkle319947 equestria girls222343 equestria girls (movie)7998 equestria girls series37239 mirror magic2680 spoiler:eqg specials5671 .svg available9047 beanie4106 beautiful6359 boots25912 breasts315428 canterlot high3171 cleavage38337 clothes518777 cute220311 cutie mark51737 eyes closed109109 fake tail132 female1501083 geode of empathy3474 hair flip247 hat99455 helping twilight win the crown425 high heel boots6596 high heels13185 jacket14786 leather jacket4281 leg warmers2872 legs9713 long hair4982 looking at you196221 magical trio481 open mouth176094 pants17061 peace sign3573 pony ears1550 school spirit227 shimmerbetes4691 shirt29111 shoes44458 skirt44731 smiling297115 trio13241 vector81203 vest4327 wall of tags4811 wallpaper19475 wallpaper edit3512 wondercolts725


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