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Artist's comment from their DA page:
This is probably one of my biggest projects yet in the Thing a Week series. Holy crap. Big ol' group shot for ya here, Discord, the princesses and the Mane 6, all in one big giant image of vectory goodness. I wanted to hang the elements of harmony on his chair as well, but that was just a tad more work than I felt like doing. In the end though, I'm really satisfied with the way this turned out, it's probably one of my favorite pieces of vector art I've made. Hope you all like it too.
safe1688164 artist:tourniquetmuffin90 applejack168334 discord30659 fluttershy210748 pinkie pie214448 rainbow dash231904 rarity180109 tom882 twilight sparkle298172 draconequus11290 the return of harmony1656 apple16008 applejack becoming an apple39 bad end2110 baleful polymorph6 book33078 chaos1175 cloud30263 crescent moon1808 dendrification72 discord's throne68 discorded landscape243 fluttertree442 food68932 food transformation243 fruit1029 inanimate tf1546 male366522 mane six31646 moon23179 petrification940 pie3257 pinkie pie (form)18 rainbow rain2 raincloud193 split sky25 stars15311 sun6573 that pony sure does love books1131 the bad guy wins112 throne3086 transformation10587 transparent moon281 tree31712 vector76123


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