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Evil Twilight is a natural leader for the mean 6
safe1655584 screencap215733 mean applejack256 mean fluttershy223 mean pinkie pie196 mean rainbow dash182 mean rarity252 mean twilight sparkle723 queen chrysalis33967 alicorn214632 changeling44988 changeling queen15035 pony920012 the mean 61627 animated96013 bored1431 canyon124 clone2259 clone six60 everfree forest1923 evil2778 evil grin4220 evil laugh409 evil rainbow dash89 giggling809 glare8156 grabbing689 grin36194 laughing7640 lying down14230 mean six74 messy mane7513 pointing3903 scheming117 smiling234332 sound8143 sprawl17 stairs1609 suspicious386 villainess157 walking4495 webm12185


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