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This was a mini comic I did for my patreon supporters. This is what most of them wanted to see, so I hope you guys can enjoy it to!  
If you guys want, you can help to support me at By doing so you can get access to my discord server where we can talk and you can suggest ideas for me to work on!
explicit423963 artist:pusspuss665 queen chrysalis39506 changeling59402 changeling queen21461 human209226 pony1348654 comic:how humans make love24 anatomically correct30692 anus121232 clawtoris67 comic125467 dialogue81986 dock63099 faceless male6067 female1626063 female focus9471 human male7788 human male on mare4116 human on changeling action228 human on pony action12003 human on royalty15 interspecies28239 looking back75564 male469642 mare630857 monochrome165134 nudity459851 offscreen character44992 ponut56105 solo focus24208 straight161825 urethra2947 vagina dentata67 vulva164380


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@Officer Hotpants  
He’s amazing. Been following his art for years. I don’t necessarily find most of his stuff attractive; it’s the creativity that gets me, as well as the blatantly non-human nature. Like, unf, some of it can really get me going.

60's Bush Fan
If I listed all the problems I have with modern renditions of monsters (in general, not just mgs), we’d be here all day, but the TLDR version is:
Harpies are supposed to be ugly and unsanitary vultures.  
Sirens were originally bird women.  
Lamia (singular) was a shark woman.  
Scylla is NEVER drawn right, being a mermaid with six dog heads on extendable necks.  
And I’d prefer if more people drew Satyrs and Minotaurs with udders.
Background Pony #3958
This is tagged “vagina dentata” but they don’t look like teeth to me, just soft little tentacles.
Of course, Chrysalis being a shapeshifter and all, I should think that they look like whatever they happen to look like at the moment because she wants them to, and if she wanted teeth there she could have them in an instant.