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Queen Whiskey

safe2173815 artist:shydale394 oc947263 oc only687598 oc:blackjack3370 cyborg5329 pony1602000 unicorn537725 fallout equestria22928 :p14386 alcohol10145 amputee6701 blushing273990 bottle5978 chest fluff65503 cybernetic legs647 derail in the comments366 drunk5986 female1802145 horn190218 mare740716 queen whiskey40 silly8893 smiling397257 solo1425616 the uses of unicorn horns72 tongue out147105 whiskey594 wild pegasus93


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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

No, Project Horizons was something different, though I was trying to avoid any and all spoilers possible. I just finished reading it yesterday, binged it over the past couple of weeks, so it’s pretty fresh in my mind (and if I just read it recently there could be plenty of other people who just haven’t gotten around to reading it yet), though the picture itself spoils that she gets augmented to some extent at some point in the story.
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

@team blueplant  
In Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons her prosthetics as portrayed in this picture were gently-used parts from a zony (pony/zebra hybrid) who owed her one, and was the head of a secret project researching augmentations. Her internal augmentations had been FUBAR and she’d spent the past two-hundred years in a stasis container, so Blackjack’s augments were both of extremely high quality and up to pre-war specs at this point in the story.
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May as well necro this thread to give some context to anyone confused about this blatant sperg clogging the comments section with text walls. This is Glimmernigel, and as you could probably tell from the way he types, he’s kind of an obnoxious contrarian who is, as far as I and others can tell, incapable of understanding what can lead to different perspectives. He’s not once acquiesced on any debate even when presented with facts on the topics argued upon, because he’s convinced himself that anyone who disagrees with him for any reason whatsoever must be a communist, Glimmer fanboy, SJW, or other derogatory. In his latest fanfiction, he spends an excess of 20,000 words screeching about a nonexistent version of communism he retconned Glimmer to have so he could REK her with LOGIC and PR00F, before beating her to near death for another ten thousand words while the world watches in excitement. It’s pure self-indulgence and projection.
He’s gone so far as to accuse /mlpol/, an imageboard mixing right-leaning ancaps and white nationalists with poni, of all being SJWs, all because they got sick of him shilling his fanfiction in several dedicated threads instead of simply discussing his fic in the writing threads that already exist.
Unlike him, I’ll end it at only three paragraphs, instead of spending any more effort trying to persuade you to hate him. Just know the above, plus what you’ve already seen of his attitude and excessive verbosity.

In a realistic world, they’d be slaughtered. They’re an untrained and unfocused country-wide militia made of raw recruits, traders with guns, the occasional Vault Dweller newbie, and scavengers with a lifetime of selfish “Every man for himself” habits to break. They can keep relative law and order in one area, sure, until the food dries up and they start extorting money and food from the locals.
And they sure as hell don’t have the discipline and resources to make it across America and get to NV without most of their guys dying, quitting, calling in sick, or abandoning the army and running with all the supplies they can steal.
And when they get there, what are they armed with? Shotguns and pipe pistols and the occasional combat rifle might let you take small towns over, if the better-trained NCR, the far-better-trained Legion, and the incredibly powerful robots of Mr House or some kind of NCR-House Alliance wasn’t there to stand in your way.
Even if you teleport there, across the country in an instant, you’re still getting your ass kicked by the local ruling powers.
And as a bonus, they’re a local militia, they want to protect farms and kill raiders and evil brainlet Super Mutants, they wouldn’t ever say yes to an armed invasion of a better-armed and better-fortified country.
In an unrealistic Fallout 4 Bugthesderp world, every single member of the Minutemen is a die-hard essential NPC immortal equipped with their own suit of modified extra-strong Power Armour and their own modded upgraded-to-max-level miniguns and laser miniguns. Nobody has their own agenda, and they already betrayed each other and broke apart once, which means they will never betray each other and break apart again ever ever ever. The Protagonist is The General, so when he says “Conquer this place”, they all say yes and go full commando.
But even in that same unrealistic world, mass-produced Pulse Guns make short work of the Power Armours, House’s robots steamroll the Minutemen unless they’re given plot armour, and they can’t conquer Vegas.
House commands his robots like a Korean RTS player, except every action is performed at the speed of thought, no button combinations needed. Any battle that happens where House’s robots can be controlled directly is instantly tilted in his favour. You aren’t fighting an army of Securitrons better armed than the average US Soldier any more, you’re fighting a cohesive unit of robots, eyebots, and more, each of which can be mass-produced by the robotics factory in Freeside. The Followers would be happy to help him repair the factory and create jobs for the local squatters and hobos. Your Killbot 9000 might have high health, but he can’t survive fifty Securitrons turning as one and laser minigunning the shit out of a singular point in his armour. He can’t survive the ground around him getting obliterated by raining grenades or a Howitzer shot. He can’t survive a Pulse Gun instantly disabling him. A lot of people judge this fight based on “Could one mark-whatever Securitron beat the OP mega-murder-machine I just created with my pay-to-win DLC that trivializes combat for me?” and they forget House’s robots can be commanded remotely and mass-produced, while Fallout 4 robots have to use their own individual AIs and targeting systems or follow shouted verbal commands from a human guy who’s in Power Armour if you’re lucky.
And House just instantly wins if he gets his hands on Old World Blues and/or Dead Money tech. Don’t even get me started on how much a single OWB securitron multiplies the power of his fighting force or modifies his current blueprints so they can be mass-produced to replace old ones. Or how a Dead Money Projector mounted into an Eyebot given Invincible Speaker tech can create a holographic invincible head-laser-firing god who has no real need to avoid animation errors that can be programmed into him to let him float, target whatever House wants him to target, contort like a Gmod character, and blast pretty much instantly. Holograms might be as slow as a humans, but Holograms projected by invincible flying Duraframe Eyebots sure aren’t. If House gets one of those, nobody’s stopping him from sending sattelites into space that’ll let him control his robots perfectly worldwide in the event of emergencies, while letting them use their usual protocols during non-emergencies.

@team blueplant  
Hardcore? Bruh, if you want to see me get hardcore, tell me you like Toxapex. Also, don’t say that. There was once a time when fandoms were a place where hardcore fans could have fun discussing shit, before the tone-policers showed up. If you disagree with me on Fallout, please make a post disagreeing with me. I’m not trying to shout down people who disagree with me, I ain’t no libtard. I’m trying to start a discussion about something fun and harmless to discuss, like video games.
Fallout 3 is a mindless shooter with no level design or depth. Fallout 4 is that but worse, because the creators tried to force in minecraft and badly-done OP factions and other ideas stolen from mod makers and FNV.
You’re allowed to like trash, just don’t say “This is the best Fallout” or “This Fallout has no flaws” or “Nobody likes a hater” or any of that junk. It’s a tragedy that Bethesda is making so much money from cruelly exploiting a fanbase they don’t deserve and didn’t earn, and it’s a tragedy that the Fallout IP is now worthless thanks to Bethesda ruining its lore beyond repair.
Fallout 4 factions could conquer any version of New Vegas in an afternoon. The Institute could teleport in robots and replace anyone with them, or teleport in disposable gen-1 killer robots, or teleport in Liberty Prime and shit on all the intelligently-designed and reasonable stuff that was too smart to get a cameo in F4. The Railroad are magical mary sues who magically can’t be detected by a fellow sci-fi sue faction with robot crows, so non-sues like House have no chance to stop these magical LARPers from making their hats tougher than power armour. These two factions aren’t intelligently designed and they aren’t fun to talk about.
And the Brotherhood… Actually, the Brotherhood would get their shit kicked in by House, his securitrons would use their grenade launchers to obliterate armoured guys and the Prydwen would get Helios One’d. Funny how this faction, Bugthesderp’s Darlings, have actually been the least buffed into suehood in Fallout 4, wouldn’t you say?

I like you. You like a non-shit pony, and you have non-shit fallout opinions.
But seriously, it’s amazing that some kids will be all “Fallout 4 is the better fallout game because it has better gunplay”.
  1. No it doesn’t, your enemies have shitty pistols and you’re either using a pistol, bigger pistol, or other gun. Every gun feels the same and only flashy shwooshy visual effects and baby numbers are there to differentiate them. Ratchet and Clank 1-4 has good gunplay.  
  2. Even if Fallout 4’s gunplay was subjectively “Better”, it wouldn’t matter because Fallout WAS NEVER MEANT TO BE ANOTHER GENERIC STOCK TRIPLE-AY SETPIECE-FILLED CUTSCENE-FILLED BRAINLET SCHUT GAME! Fallouts 1 and 2 tried to bring the feeling of a pen and paper RPG into the video game world, and it did so a hell of a lot better than the Neverwinter Nights series and all other knockoff DND games, I’ll fight anyone over this! Fallout 3 turned all speech checks into luck checks, Fallout New Vegas proved you CAN do an rpg with a third/first person perspective, and Fallout 4 proved Bugthesderp CAN’T.
    @team blueplant  
    Yep. People complained when finishing the game in fallout 3 meant finishing the game, so fallout 4 was designed with “You can play it forever! And some nice borderlands/warcraft loot with good enchants might drop, so keep killing the scaling enemies!” in mind. It wants you to consider blowing real-world money on fake guns in this game a good deal, because it wants your money.
    “We saved the day and did something that should change the world forever!”  
    “What now?”  
    “Uh… go complete more randomly-generated brainlet schut quests I guess”
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it is extremely hilarius that when you destroy the institute as the minutement preston says after the nuclear explosion
-what now?  
+a settlement has been overrun by ghouls, here, let me mark it on your map, we could use all the help we can