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Name: Lotus Pear McIntosh
Nickname(s): Lotus, Lottie (only by Big Mac)
Age: 8
Gender: Filly
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual in the future

Special Talent: Studying astronomy
(Future) Occupation: Astronomy Teacher at the Ponyville Schoolhouse
Location: Ponyville (Sweet Apple Acres)

Likes: Space, astronomy, school, dressing up, bows or bow ties, being the teacher's pet
Dislikes: Bad grades, summer, oranges, kids being picked on
Positive Characteristics: Smart, outgoing, sophisticated, helpful, generous
Negative Characteristics: Easily annoyed, anti-social, takes things a little too seriously

Future Spouse/Partner: None
Future Child(ren): None

Voice Actor: TBA

-Accidentally conceived due to the love potion. Both of her parents share custody and they're still friends to this day.
-Big Mac soon married Sugar Belle about 3 years after Lotus' birth. Sugar adores her stepdaughter and they're both very close like an actual mother and daughter.
-Was named after her late grandmother due to sharing her eye color.
Often acts "too grown-up" to be around her cousins.

i adopted this little cutie from…
uwu i love her already


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