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Also you don't need to breathe you stupid waffle iron
semi-grimdark28979 artist:testostepone442 oc652451 oc only431620 oc:runtime61 pony918286 robot7492 robot pony3431 attempted suicide56 ceiling fan48 contemplating43 dialogue62779 female1317531 grayscale36896 grimderp263 hanging1686 hanging (by neck)599 implied equestria after death1 monochrome146663 noose462 rope11040 simple background375832 sketch60559 solo1030080 suicide716 the equestria after death17 too dumb to live221 white background93157


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Background Pony #E7C9
Silly Runtime, robots can't die of asphyxiation.

Or maybe you could just throw the robopone in a tub of water (puncturing their exterior may or may not be necessary) and shortcircuit them.
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To suicide a robopone you need a large powerful magnet or a field of acutely focused ionizing radiation.