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Eternal Flame
Oh hell yes! Considering he wrote both "Forgotten Friendship" AND "Rollercoaster of Friendship", I'm sure looking forward to this upcoming special now!
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Why? He gave us Forgotten Friendship. I personally think that he is an expert when it comes to continuity, always thinking about how a certain plot point could fit into established lore and canon. And His characterization of Sunset and the other girls is actually pretty damn good, too. True, he has his weaknesses, too, but all-in-all I think making him head writer of EQG was the right call.
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So does this special come after some season 2 episodes of the Equestria Girls digital series?
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Nick Confalone becoming the head EQG writer is the most depressing thing to ever happen to FiM. I never got the full perspective of how far FiM had fallen into shambles until I watched the new EQG specials and absolutely loved every second. I can only imagine a timeline where Confalone got to be the story editor of FiM instead of Haber.
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