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Celestia and Luna, who basically just mess with their subjects and each other for a living instead of doing anything useful, are, as always, doing something screwy. Them both being kinky bitches with touchy buttons to push, the latest dare-game has higher stakes than when Celestia had to sit in royal court all day with a vibrator up her butt. A game of RPS; the loser has to spend the whole day barefoot and out in public.

Celestia gets to lose first, all too easily. She seems to adore having an excuse to pad around with no shoes to obscure her huge, juicy 20M tier feet, and positively basks in the attention this attracts from all the regular ponies. The older Princess had way, way, way more time to get fed up with being prime and proper and uses any opportunity to do something outside the box. If anyone is complexed about their smooth, thick, meaty soles and dexterous, ring-adorned toes, it's not her. It's almost suspicious she lost this one so easily…

This lengthy description is actually a very highly compressed summary of a short story written by this picture’s commissioner, ExTor. You can read the full thing on DeviantArt and FurAfiinity. It’s a happy accident borne of an inability to stop layering on details, so, enjoy!

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suggestive135465 artist:fetishsketches716 princess celestia92373 princess luna96596 anthro246129 plantigrade anthro30038 background pony9795 background pony audience354 barefoot26284 bench2372 bikini17123 blushing186747 breasts261439 cake9402 cakelestia1044 clothes436336 commission61561 dirty feet231 discarded clothing124 feet37595 fetish37618 food66083 foot fetish7307 foot focus2490 high heels10368 horn piercing180 magic69830 monochrome146168 pants13431 piercing38187 popsicle1057 public1447 rock paper scissors43 shoes33677 sketch60081 smug5610 soles3997 straw1761 swimsuit26779 table8712 toe ring559 toe rings76 toes5948 tree30423


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Background Pony #D263
Definitely the better of the two images. Luna's alright, but Celestia is just… <3

The duplicate uploads for this image were a result of this site being very high quality and ignoring the file I was actually trying to upload. Can't take any blame for the accidental spam of this picture, sorry to say.

derpibooru sure is a quality site. I kept uploading different versions of diferent parts of the picture and it kept putting up this one. Can someone get their shit together? It's not very funny.