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safe (1503300) artist:shunya yamashita (26) kotobukiya (321) twilight sparkle (272479) alicorn (179627) human (137458) pony (780338) equestria girls (170112) bishoujo (74) book (28742) female (827590) glasses (50703) human coloration (3406) humanized (90949) mare (375856) meganekko (66) official (6722) self ponidox (6676) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (109082) twilight's professional glasses (75)


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16 comments posted

I have Black Canary, Raven, Zatanna and I am about to buy She hulk in the bishoujo series, I'm definitely getting these.
Background Pony #EBF0
Kotobukiya should do all eight Equestria Girls including,like Sunset Shimmer,Starlight Glimmer, Indigo Zap,Lemon Zest,Sugar Coat,Sunny Flare,Sour Sweet.
Light Blade

I 💜 Twilie
Why do I get this feeling that the designer(s) couldn’t make up their mind which Twi they want to do? Shirt, skirt, and hairstyle are clearly that of pony Twilie. But the shoes and glasses…