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safe1765890 artist:racoonsan575 sonata dusk13925 human160157 equestria girls209265 bracelet10348 breasts291603 clothes481096 cute207520 female1415197 food73886 humanized102491 jewelry70064 licking21069 licking lips4461 nail polish8177 ponytail19196 skirt41557 smiling265515 solo1105552 sonatabetes1180 sonataco720 spiked wristband1399 taco1361 that girl sure loves tacos144 tongue out109630 wristband3895


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Loves Twi and Sunset
Sonata was already my favorite Siren based on how cute she is. Now having finally watched Rainbow Rocks…yep, still my favorite. Kinda like Adagio, don’t much care for Aria.
Background Pony #D7F9
Who tha hell is giving this a down vote; it is pretty and adorable at the least.