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A Cute Pic slightly inspired by Season 6 having Starlight as Twilight’s Student and living in her castle. Something in my mind related it slightly to fanon and how strangely Twilight’s home becomes a haven for reformed characters. In :iconpenstrokepony:’s Past Sins, Nyx calls the library her home when Twilight takes her in and in his follow up story The Road Home, She of course calls the castle her home when she’s Twilight’s legally adopted daughter and the Golden Oaks Library is no more. In most of my headcanons, Sunset starts to visit Equestria regularly and has a guest room in the castle. I just had this amusing idea of the three actually sharing the castle and spending time together. I could see Sunset and Starlight being unofficial aunts to Nyx. I also just threw Discord in there for the hell of it. I did my best also to mimic the colors and shapes of the Castle's Library. Please Enjoy.

MLP, Sunset Shimmer, Discord, & Starlight Glimmer©Hasbro
Nyx Sparkle©!!
safe1658000 artist:dnlnamek015 discord30033 starlight glimmer47181 sunset shimmer60921 oc654843 oc:nyx2163 alicorn215115 draconequus10553 book32443 female1321125 filly63950 flying36749 library3119 lying down14415 lying on the floor59 male357068 mare458017 reading6067 starlightnyxshimmer15 starlightnyxshimmercord1 twilight's castle3732 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2317


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