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my half of an art trade with @warrior_stew

they wanted cadance yelling through labor pains at a misbehaving flurry soooo yep

starting to realise how hard alicorns can be to draw lol
safe1585777 artist:goodie-bag80 derpibooru exclusive24442 princess cadance30471 princess flurry heart6376 alicorn199439 pony855894 angry24372 belly25027 big belly8958 blank flank7064 blushing177671 cutie mark42038 dialogue59556 duo50547 duo female7953 female1186363 filly59872 foal14914 labor555 mare426572 messy mane7164 mother and daughter5135 nervous5088 older23398 older flurry heart1066 open mouth125175 paint.net271 pregnant12344 running5322 scared9430 spread wings48380 sweat23399 sweatdrops401 talking4625 text51965 wings81151 yelling2822


not provided yet


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