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Lyra is best pony.
suggestive140584 artist:coinpo240 lyra heartstrings29290 pony949153 unicorn315208 blush sticker2443 blushing194352 cute197021 cute little fangs2015 dialogue64370 explanation54 eyes closed91279 fangs24741 female1345558 leaning3531 lyrabetes1340 mare471614 meme81417 one hoof raised1106 open mouth141947 raised hoof44737 simple background386971 smiling242940 smug5882 solo1051200 solo female177712 speech3136 speech bubble22821 standing11943 talking5437 talking to viewer2614 tongue out101978 transparent background199642 vulgar20469


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Joseph Raszagal
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Emily Brickenbrackle III
Sales Clerk: "I'm going to say yes, mostly out of sheer confusion. I do need to know what kind of stroke engine your pony runs on though."

Me: "Um… yes?"

Sales Clerk: "Also, your pony's religion would help a lot here."

Me: "Same answer."
Narlepoax III
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Hey now, I didn't say there was no difference. I said there was no "technical" difference.

IE, when you boil it all down to the basics, there's really only opinion to go off of.

You might say, "But that's so pedantic!" Well, yeah. I started off by saying that it was gonna get pedantic.
Duck - "someone befriended them, saved them, coaxed them out of their shell, and showed them that sex is nothing to be afraid of. I’m kind of envious of that rape victim"

@Narlepoax III

uhh… no. wikipedia isn't using outdated information, that I can see. the cladogram successfully identifies "catarrhini" as the common ancestor to all old world monkeys and apes. so it's correct phylogeny, as far as I can see.

what he's saying sounds more like a matter of opinion, whether catarrhini are what we call old world monkeys, or whether "crown cercopithecoidea" are what we call old world monkeys. even the paleontologist he's quoting says "several genera of these early monkeys have been identified" but doesn't say "monkeys are officially classified as anthropoidia," so it's not exactly a hard line stance that we must call all anthropoedia monkeys.

honestly, I don't care if you call apes monkeys. it's good to recognize that we have a common ancestor with monkeys, whether or not that ancestor counts as a monkey or an ape, and the common ancestor to apes and monkeys did have a tail, so why not call them a monkey? and since "new world monkeys" branched way before old world monkeys and apes, there are monkeys on each branch of the tree, so why wouldn't the whole tree be monkeys?

but when you start saying there are no taxonomical differences, I can't quite accept that, both because "monkey" isn't even officially a group in the taxonomy, and because even if you consider "anthropoidia" to be "monkeys," they're a much more ancient branch taxonomically than hominoidea (apes), thus taxonomically very different.
Duck - "someone befriended them, saved them, coaxed them out of their shell, and showed them that sex is nothing to be afraid of. I’m kind of envious of that rape victim"

@Narlepoax III

uhh… no?

old world monkeys and apes had a common ancestor about 31 million years ago, and they've remained quite distinct since then. and if you're talking new world monkeys, marmosets and tarsiers are practically siblings, compared to any lineage they share with apes.
Narlepoax III
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Well, if you really wanna get pedantic, there's no technical difference between the taxonomic classifications of "monkey" and "ape".

So humans can correctly be labelled as either.

@Cedric Moon
Also, humans aren't hairless. We actually have more hair follicles per square inch of skin than chimpanzees do. Our hairs are just very thin, short, and colorless; except in specific locations.