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Artist's Description:

Tune of the Day Somewhat of a prelude for Dispersion.
safe1750198 artist:shamanguli213 twilight sparkle306077 pony1010290 unicorn342201 bipedal36199 crepuscular rays3153 digital painting523 featured image907 female1401646 fog924 glowing4641 hoof hold8603 hooves18297 horn77548 indoors3416 looking at something2718 magic75374 mare502059 portal1935 raised leg8076 scenery8230 scenery porn867 solo1094201 statue2402 unicorn twilight18691 window8918


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Artist -

If Twily goes through the portal, will she fly through the sky for a bit while totalling up her gems, then emerge in a new realm full of friends, foes, and more glittery gems?
Background Pony #9B4B
Hello, new desktop wallpaper!

seriously, i can't get enough of pictures like this. There's just something about them that make them feel like i'm about to jump into a storybook full of adventure