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Beautiful Couples
safe1559001 artist:mashoart680 flash sentry11994 sci-twi21786 timber spruce1840 twilight sparkle280269 alicorn191755 equestria girls177839 equestria girls series28092 bisexual4838 blushing173222 breasts235761 busty twilight sparkle10382 clothes402617 distracted boyfriend meme110 female882856 gay24910 geode of telekinesis2357 glasses54066 hips2481 holding hands2277 infidelity5251 lesbian91485 magical geodes6546 male300012 miniskirt4694 pleated skirt3955 ponytail15283 self paradox1060 self ponidox7031 selfcest2569 shipping181920 skirt35097 smiling211122 teeth7622 thighs7776 timberflash82 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113960 twitwi139 twolight1040


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20 comments posted
Background Pony #5995
@Goddess Erosia
Forgive me for the necroresponse, but making love to your own clone is just narcissism taken to it's most extreme. Advanced masturbation, if you will. Everyone has that one person they might ignore their gender preference for, and for many, it would be for themselves.

Not a Changeling
"Hey bro"
"Yeah bro"
"She left us for herself, bro"
"Damn bro"
"Why you holding my hand bro"
"Might as well get some revenge bro"
Background Pony #D2C6
I never liked timber. his face is ugly with his weird ass chin and monkey ears. I wouldn't want Sci-Twi with an annoying ass lumber boy OR Princess twilight with brad. All the main Male characters in equestria girls are fuckboys.
Goddess Erosia

please call me mom~<3
@Background Pony #09AD
Would a man sucking off his own clone be gay?

Yes. I'm pretty sure there's no way to argue this. It may be yourself, and that's obviously an unusual (and completely fictional) scenario, but the other you is still the same sex and the sex is clearly defined. So being attracted to your own clone would be a same-sex kind of deal.

Also, I don't know too many straight men who hold hands, so the context suggests a whole lotta gay in this scenario. I don't mean to repeat myself, but [clears throat] you might even say this image features people becoming DOUBLE GAY. :V