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Background Pony #A818
Blackmailing students, neglicence against bullying, lack of authority and respect……
I dont think they'll let her at any accademy for the rest of her life.
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nobody's favorite
Both sides are composed mainly of jackasses and hypocrites, and I find it's usually best to say nothing at all. Unfortunately, my impulse control is too poor to practice what I preach, and my belief that silence is golden comes from a lifetime of saying things and wishing I hadn't.
Background Pony #9432
How much would you bet that they change their mascot to something criminally humiliating soon after hiring Cinch?
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@Background Pony #06EA
Rarity: [gasps] Sour Sweet! Sunny Flare! Why, it's been ages.
Sugarcoat: It's only been a few months since the Friendship Games.
Rarity: Is that all? Wow! [giggles] How is everything over at Crystal Prep Academy?
Sunny Flare: Oh, things at CPA have never been better since Principal Cadance took over.

It would be hilarious if Cinch was so unpopular that she could not get a better job.