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@Background Pony #E9AE

The other commenters are perhaps rather supportive of me posting something about MLP merchandise in an archive for MLP stuff, even if it does not have a single pony there.

So if you want to get upset and shame me over that, calling me "evil" all because of one picture of some a-bit-of-MLP-related thing, that is your problem and your loss, then.

If you don't like "Gameloft" or "no pony", just hide the tags — that can be one reason why I added the tags so you don't have to see those pics. Besides, I do not work for Gameloft because I have better things to do, and I am not in the mood to answer an Internet quarrel.

What exactly do you want, then?
Background Pony #FEEF
Every piece of this game should be preserved and you are doing good work by posting these images. Now if only this had started sooner and all the text from the limited time quests has also been preserved but alas it was not to be.
Background Pony #BA29
You defended with a scenario that we both know won't happen. Just because there isn't a rule in place doesn't mean that you are absolved from using better judgement. Your resolve to distance yourself from your social crime just further proves your character as an evil sociopath. If your goal was to be publicly shamed on a fan site image board from a total stranger, then here you go. Shame on you.
Background Pony #BA29
Why do you people keep posting ads for this awful game? Do you hate everyone on this site and have an axe to grind to or something? Do you work for gameloft? There isn't even a single pony in this picture. $15 for 100 Gems and 2 buildings… What are you smoking? This shouldn't even be allowed to be posted. If you want to post an ad, pay for a freakin banner and support the site instead of being an asshat.