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Dat feel, when your butt is too big for the ordinary doorframe. That’s the problem… But what if it happenned before the eyes of the others… ?
Gift from Felsette. Thank you so much! <3
If looking for the story, which can be related with the pic, here you got: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/403466/the-start-of-a-big-wave
suggestive162127 artist:felsette57 oc787076 oc only583035 oc:urban wave38 pony1225223 unicorn401820 blank flank8325 bottom heavy980 embarrassed12769 extra thicc1117 fat24611 high res76263 huge butt12016 hyper pear33 impossibly large butt8215 impossibly large hips107 impossibly wide ass117 impossibly wide hips2466 large butt21948 pear628 pear shaped73 plump7703 solo1195647 stuck3106 surprised10507 the ass was fat16897 the ass was too fat293 thick5075 too fat to fit131 too fat to get through100 wide hips21544 wide load177


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Background Pony #61EE
I think its my business if I decide to give no source link or give direct link to the blog, where pics will be published soon. In my opinion you are just looking for the problem…
Background Pony #61EE
When you receive the pics as the gift and they aren’t posted anywhere yet, its hard to give a good source. When I receive the link from Felsette, it will be repaired.