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[Patreon] Best student#3 : Best friends
This a sketch for CloudsCutter, one of our patron on the Lumic4 patreon!
You can support my group and me on patreon :
Old sketch (2018) :v
Best student#3 : Best friends

safe2119998 artist:lummh748 fizzlepop berrytwist9846 queen chrysalis41259 starlight glimmer58601 tempest shadow18800 twilight sparkle350019 alicorn303142 changeling63935 changeling queen23057 pony1548931 unicorn513352 g41934339 broken horn15741 eye scar5916 female1746297 happy42910 hoof around neck379 horn173294 laughing10705 mare708062 monochrome171811 open mouth225898 orange background1530 poggers176 reformed390 scar15922 shocked9820 simple background569980 smiling377645 surprised12381 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146124 wide eyes19583


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Twilight: (whispers) How did you two bond?
Fizzlepop Berrytwist: We both hate our old names. I prefer Tempest Shadow. And She likes Queen Chrysalis over Juniper Montage. Both of us got our horns destroyed.
Chrysalis: And Legs. I mean look what Celestia did back in the days. She got me good.

I kind of like Chrysalis
I think Starlight is shocked that Twilight reforms villains so easily while she failed miserably at doing it herself?
@Background Pony #07A6  
Yeah, that would be endearing, but it’s only impactful if she retains her appearance.
Background Pony #5C74
Scenes like this are why I’m looking forward to Chrysalis reforming. The changeling queen, her fellow ex-villain and her old enemy just having a good old laugh. I really find this sort of thing uplifting.
Also, Starlight’s face in the background. Priceless! Did they all just forget to tell her something?
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

@Background Pony #BF9F  
VENGEANCE!!! I mean think about it if you can’t beat them join them, but let yourself be “Reformed” by the other reformed unicorn that isn’t the one that you had swear vengeance on.
Chrysalis: “Oh Tempest you are far better at reforming creatures then somepony else I could mention.”