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safe1946069 artist:n0nnny596 rainbow dash257168 twilight sparkle330060 cat7582 cat pony719 original species31071 pegasus395004 pony1295736 unicorn433822 :35671 :<1317 animated111686 behaving like a cat2599 blush sticker3220 blushing234702 cat paws100 cheek fluff7684 cute232040 daaaaaaaaaaaw5682 dashabetes10806 exclamation point4804 eyes closed118031 fail1511 falling3089 female1579338 floppy ears63481 frame by frame4453 gif39200 head rub44 lesbian107606 lidded eyes38100 mare603932 n0nnny is trying to murder us16 nuzzling4531 paw pads2883 paws6070 shipping227199 simple background490494 sitting77070 smiling323529 snuggling6942 surprised11056 text74491 twiabetes13668 twidash5599 underpaw1923 weapons-grade cute4231 white background126728 wide eyes18665


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I used to :)
||I had two cats for over 14 years together. A female tabby and a male black bombay. They cleaned, played with, and did cute stuff exactly that this gif.
Long story short the bombay always slept in the same area under my old treehouse for all those years. Eventually, my tabby died so I buried her in my garden. Since that day my bombay for the past four years sleeps next to where I buried the tabby in the garden. ||