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“I never asked, do you like my new uniform, mommy?”

“Haha, I love it, squirt! I’m really proud of you, you earned it!”

“Aww, thanks mom!”

Rainbow Feather's totally a mommy's girl, and Gilda has no hesitation in praising her accomplishments (and woe betides those who'd undermine her!)
safe1690202 artist:milky-rabbit64 gilda9524 oc674432 oc:rainbow feather304 human152967 clothes453617 cute197449 eyeshadow15270 female1348119 hood1290 humanized99279 interspecies offspring7175 magical lesbian spawn11790 makeup20971 mother and daughter5815 offspring38317 parent:gilda626 parent:rainbow dash5637 parents:gildash344 ruffled hair77


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