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New commission done! Big hug snug.
safe1949187 artist:hoodie346 fluttershy236079 rainbow dash257422 pegasus396509 anthro310709 adorasexy11240 bed49319 biting4514 blue coat653 blushing235297 clothes551017 cuddling9545 cute232511 cutie mark52145 daaaaaaaaaaaw5695 dashabetes10822 digital art25281 eyes closed118315 female1582317 flutterdash4999 heart59952 hoodie17505 lesbian107732 pillow22155 pink hair1790 sexy36823 shipping227451 short-sleeved hoodie3 shorts16922 shyabetes16717 sleeping26402 sleepy1932 smiling324439 snuggling6947 sweater17001 sweatershy3360 wings169769


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Background Pony #637D
Fluttershy’s soft mane + Fluttershy’s soft fur + Fluttershy’s soft hoodie.  
That must be a level of comfy beyond mortal comprehension.