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Artist's Description:

Biggest horse.
dead source24560 safe1728422 artist:greyscaleart885 applejack171597 fluttershy215013 pinkie pie218284 princess celestia95896 rainbow dash236314 rarity183720 twilight sparkle303283 alicorn228755 earth pony257106 pegasus300553 pony988644 unicorn332940 the tiny apprentice58 :o3824 alternate eye color237 blank flank7643 colored hooves6176 cute203056 cutelestia3640 dashabetes9519 diapinkes10175 ethereal mane8265 faic12427 female1382614 filly68277 filly applejack589 filly fluttershy713 filly pinkie pie409 filly rainbow dash1280 filly rarity437 filly twilight sparkle2768 grin39693 jackabetes6152 mane six32253 mare491702 missing accessory8281 momlestia1001 open mouth150100 raribetes5547 shyabetes14195 smiling254605 smol648 smug6137 smugdash740 sparkly mane240 sweet dreams fuel1614 tallestia60 tiny ponies1480 twiabetes12127 weapons-grade cute3732 younger17596


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Background Pony #C92C
Look at Rainbow Dash, practically gloating about how she's on Celestia's back.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Primo Victoria
That smug Rainbow, the awed Rarity, the Smiling Tiny Twi.


AJ is probably wondering what force she would have to use to buck Celestia to get rainbow dash to fall off.