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suggestive136937 artist:happy harvey451 oc653897 oc only432256 oc:zala89 earth pony230669 pony920892 zebra16945 2 panel comic1050 colonized11 comic105724 dialogue62914 drawn on phone431 female1319772 filly63801 helmet10377 imminent foalcon133 imminent sex5802 innocent360 looking up15641 oblivious439 royal guard7384 simple background376922 zebra oc2948 zeeb25


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Wake up. We're here.
If her father just went and gave away his daughter for a new well, then he doesn't really care. Maybe he's even happy that now he need to feed less children and that his daughter would be fed and taken care of. As for possible gangbang on filly — that's what also waited her in the tribe, after all.
Background Pony #38BE
If your life is better as a royal guard cuddler you know your parents are terrible.
Background Pony #5401
Thanks to Zala and all the stories that royal guards will tell once they get back to the kingdom, the number of volunteers willing to get deployed in zebra lands will rise to record levels.