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safe1691997 artist:fishimira324 trixie66975 human153274 pony953941 unicorn317255 3d74746 animated97881 behaving like a dog1346 cape10184 chin scratch100 clothes454366 cute197708 daaaaaaaaaaaw3773 diatrixes3089 doom482 doom 201626 doom slayer59 doomguy134 ear twitch483 female1349927 fishimira is trying to kill us7 floppy ears51591 hatless1988 hnnng2416 human on pony petting126 mare473872 missing accessory8058 mlem885 open mouth142905 petting1861 praetor suit20 silly7403 silly pony2977 source filmmaker45542 tongue out102517 trixie's cape3750 weapons-grade cute3665


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luna's husbando

God, I hope they make that dang muzzle rise an option you can turn off in the settings in the latest builds of Project Brutality v3.0.

It makes the BFG beam cannon and Demonic Unmaker practically unusable.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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I'm taking a long time to finish this game because I want to get 100% completion on all the levels. I already have all but one field drone collected, and I've mastered two weapon mods so far. I'm taking a break from the final chapter to beef up so I can take down the Spider Demon smoothly.

But I'd always imagined Doomguy loving ponies, considering he had a pet bunny.
Background Pony #AF67
@Prince Areo

QuakeGuy (aka. "Ranger") defeated Cthulhu's mother, so he shouldn't be a problem.

(everyone who hasn't experienced Quake 1 and expansions with the Epsilon mod pack and Quake II and expansions with the quake2xp mod needs to do so. I give credit to Bethesda for trying, but "Champions" is a pale shadow of the Quake legacy.)