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safe1722898 artist:mkogwheel954 apple bloom50077 applejack171217 big macintosh28480 winona2527 dog9638 human156266 4th of july416 abs11328 alternative cutie mark placement1761 american independence day325 barbeque87 bikini18437 boob freckles1092 breasts281499 burger1907 carrot2117 chest freckles916 cider2579 clothes465587 corn343 cowboy hat16264 equestrian flag295 female1377676 fireworks2019 flag bikini124 food71234 freckles29381 frisbee93 gun16102 hat88066 holiday20283 humanized100705 male378519 mouth hold17706 mushroom966 onion113 patriotic72 shotgun1495 shoulder cutie mark257 stetson5026 swimsuit28732 tomato364 vegetarian42 weapon30825


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With apple bloom is to be warned of setting off fireworks within the vincity of Winona when those wonder of the hiding spots a terrified collie is to hide.