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safe1751377 artist:mkogwheel957 apple bloom51002 applejack173357 big macintosh28842 winona2546 dog9860 human159013 4th of july419 abs11583 alternative cutie mark placement1801 american independence day325 barbeque90 bikini18992 boob freckles1118 breasts288853 burger1947 carrot2158 chest freckles956 cider2597 clothes476311 corn345 cowboy hat17207 equestrian flag298 female1402637 fireworks2041 flag bikini126 food73021 freckles30143 frisbee94 gun16345 hat90434 holiday20436 humanized101951 male388303 mouth hold18078 mushroom988 onion118 patriotic72 shotgun1519 shoulder cutie mark319 stetson5055 swimsuit29757 tomato369 vegetarian44 weapon31448


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With apple bloom is to be warned of setting off fireworks within the vincity of Winona when those wonder of the hiding spots a terrified collie is to hide.