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suggestive162202 artist:thebrokencog948 queen chrysalis37738 spike84575 human181617 ass60912 barefoot30998 beach17810 bedroom eyes67713 bikini21049 blanket6178 breasts319253 bugbutt1769 busty queen chrysalis4241 butt143091 casual nudity8320 chryspike114 clothed male nude female1727 clothes525692 exhibitionism10475 eyeshadow20098 feet45934 female1517491 grin47976 humanized106320 looking at you199400 lucky58 makeup27680 male428185 nudity423830 ocean8398 prone28990 public nudity3695 raised eyebrow7326 sand2807 shipping220162 shorts16124 sling bikini1636 smiling302759 story in the comments818 straight151482 stupid sexy chrysalis905 suntan lotion97 swimsuit32785 unembarrassed nude female189


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Little does she know that Spike laced the lotion with a highly toxic pesticide.
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Chrysalis has always enjoyed her days at the beach and would often bring a drone with her to assist with her more menial affairs. This time, however, she elected to go alone. Of course, this left her with the task of applying her sunscreen. Caring little for the bothersome ritual, the queen enlisted (read: conscripted) a passing beachgoer to do the job for her. It would not be difficult. A lady like Chrysalis could get by with little more than a pleasant word and an enticing smile.
Spike, while not normally inclined to assist someone like Chrysalis, found himself quite enthralled by the task. His initial objections where abated by the queen’s compelling overtures, which he found quite charming. From there, she proceeded with her seduction. By the time Chrysalis had laid out her proposal in full, the youth was all too willing to comply.
After all, it was just a small thing. It’s not as if he was handing her the keys to Canterlot Castle or anything. Besides, she just seemed so expectant. With the way she presented her back, the way she had beamed at him, how could he have said no? Even to Chrysalis? It wasn’t an unpleasant experience either. The faerie queen had treated him quite well, all things considered. She had practically purred as he rubbed the thick lotion into her soft, smooth skin and when he stopped, she had given him such pleasant little praises. Yes, this was just like helping anyone else. It certainly filled Spike with the same satisfaction.
But there was another reason. A reason Spike would admit to no one, least of all himself. It was an undeniable truth, but a truth that made him feel impure, weak and dirty, but it was, nonetheless, the truth. Spike, quite in spite of himself, had found Chrysalis quite alluring. In any other circumstance that woman would be trying to kill him, to abduct him, to crush him beneath her heel, and yet he could not help but be enticed. It was something about how she spoke, how she moved, how she held herself and of coursed, how she had displayed herself.
She had allowed her swimsuit, already hiding very little, to slip from her figure before him. In that moment, Chrysalis could read the attraction on his face. She had proceeded to lay herself out, with visible and expectant anticipation, and had given him a coquettish little smile. In that moment, the queen knew she had him.
Perhaps sensing his disquiet, Chrysalis rested a comforting hand upon his shoulder and gave him some calming words. I was as if she had read his mind and in a sense, she had. The queen told him that she understood, that he had nothing to fear, that he his thoughts where his own and there was nothing wrong with that. It was a reassuring, almost familiar sort of lecture. Finally, she gave him hearty slap on the back and sent him back to his friends. Spike, while still uncertain of himself, went to them with a renewed confidence. Spike told himself that the queen was still an enemy, that this would be the last time he would meet her so cordially and that their meeting had left him unchanged.
Internally, however, Spike knew the truth, that he hoped to meet Chrysalis again and that he hoped their next meeting would, perhaps, unfold into something greater, something that would last a long time.

With the way Spike helps out all of the women it is no wonder why they can be so open to him to the point of nudity. Good Spike. -