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WHoo! This is nowhere near finished yet! I may have to split it into multiple parts '

Princess Twilight x Tempest Shadow: Evening Star, Estella Sparkle, Abacus Sparkle, Twinkle Star.

Rainbow Dash x Princess Celestia: Scarlet Dawn, Windy Breeze, (Rest Unnamed)

Fluttershy x Spike: (Unnamed)

Applejack x Shining Armor: Buttercup Preserves, (Rest Unnamed)

Rarity x Maud Pie: (Unnamed)

Pinkie Pie x Prince Blueblood: (Unnamed)

Soarin x Spitfire: Pyro Blaze (Rest Unnamed)

Princess Cadence x King Sombra: (Unnamed)

Starlight Glimmer x Trixie Lulamoon x Sunburst: (Unnamed)

Princess Luna x Queen Chrysalis: (Unnamed)

Discord x Treehugger: (Unnamed) (Unnamed) Flora Treehugger, Fauna Treehugger.

Sweetiebelle x Big Mac: (Unnamed)

Applebloom x Diamond Tiara: Mable Blossom, (Unnamed)

Lord Ember x King Thorax: (Unnamed)
-Lord Ember & Queen Novo: (Unnamed)
-King Thorax & Queen Novo: (Unnamed)

Original base by:
safe1575491 artist:saphi-boo181 apple bloom46547 applejack158869 big macintosh26873 diamond tiara9671 discord28692 fluttershy197798 king sombra12683 maud pie11860 pinkie pie203254 princess cadance30458 princess celestia90034 princess flurry heart6263 princess luna93990 queen chrysalis32317 rainbow dash219377 rarity169725 shining armor21773 soarin'13328 spike74844 spitfire12785 starlight glimmer43878 sunburst5820 sweetie belle46655 tempest shadow15367 tree hugger2650 trixie62147 twilight sparkle282713 oc604937 oc:abacus sparkle1 oc:buttercup preserves1 oc:estella sparkle1 oc:evening star46 oc:fauna treehugger1 oc:flora treehugger1 oc:marble blossom1 oc:pyro blaze1 oc:scarlet dawn5 oc:twinkle star33 oc:windy breeze37 alicorn195314 changepony862 dracony5693 hybrid15261 bisexual4958 bluepie29 chrysaluna97 dashlestia64 diamondbloom211 divorce47 embrax184 family tree302 female899298 flutterspike521 interspecies20679 interspecies offspring6391 lesbian92230 magical lesbian spawn10738 magical threesome spawn680 male305482 multiple parents226 offspring34434 parent:apple bloom620 parent:applejack3271 parent:big macintosh2675 parent:diamond tiara192 parent:discord2934 parent:fluttershy4043 parent:king sombra1041 parent:maud pie373 parent:pinkie pie3591 parent:prince blueblood815 parent:princess cadance1453 parent:princess celestia1896 parent:princess ember300 parent:princess luna1949 parent:queen chrysalis993 parent:queen novo57 parent:rainbow dash5011 parent:rarity3573 parent:shining armor1203 parent:soarin'2152 parent:spike1983 parent:spitfire363 parent:starlight glimmer1144 parent:sunburst870 parent:sweetie belle531 parent:tempest shadow1952 parent:thorax491 parent:tree hugger294 parent:trixie1706 parent:twilight sparkle7326 parents:bluepie15 parents:chrysaluna111 parents:dashlestia36 parents:diamondbloom58 parents:embrax34 parents:flutterspike26 parents:novax1 parents:november (pairing)1 parents:rarimaud57 parents:shiningjack17 parents:soarinfire116 parents:somdance17 parents:startrixburst3 parents:sweetiemac6 parents:tempestlight421 parents:treecord4 polyamory6151 rarimaud97 shiningjack58 shipping184057 shipping chart106 soarinfire569 somdance93 startrixburst58 straight121658 sweetiemac157 tempestlight3368 thember1 treecord21 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115203 wall of tags2314


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40 comments posted
Background Pony #0FB9
It took me just now to realize the Applejack/Shining Armor kid is literally just Pear Butter with a horn smack dab on her face.
Background Pony #5CC9
Welcome to the world of crack shipping, where no canon relationship is sacred and where characters are shipped for the heck of it.
Background Pony #5CC9
@Background Pony #2D91
I think it's spawn in general, not just the magical lesbian kind.
People get jealous over favorite characters not baring their offspring.

That or they project a different sexuality or even lack of sexuality onto the characters.
Background Pony #0CF6
@Ice Star
Nah, it how these charts are often treated on here. They either get a lot of love, a lot of hate or forgotten too quick to care.

Me, I'm indifferent with most of these ships so I didn't even care to vote.
Ice Star
Magical Inkwell - Wrote MLP fanfiction consisting of at least around 1.5k words, and has a verified link to the platform of their choice
Artist -

Delightful Demon
@Background Pony #2D91
These really aren't bad ones, and the art style is nice. There's still only like three canon ships, and I guess there could be some angry ShiningDance fans out there. I adore ShiningDance, but I wouldn't downvote something like this simply because something else was shipped.

This certainly is a picky site.
Background Pony #0CF6
@Background Pony #2D91
And really none of the show's staff have anything wrong Spike being ship with any main six because they never once have cared to give an age on any of them. They could be adults, teen or even old hags for all we know. The fans are the only ones that give any complaints.