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A request for a DeviantArt user 'CreamsFriend' that basically continues the story of those two "Hurry up, Rainbow!" posters.
Why is this fetish getting SO popular?? 0.0
safe1726532 artist:charlydasher80 applejack171493 rainbow dash236144 twilight sparkle303039 alicorn228369 pony986814 3d78063 angry27632 bathroom2274 cafe555 covering crotch352 desperation862 female1380917 gritted teeth12519 mare490720 need to pee1032 omorashi972 potty dance338 potty emergency638 potty time1342 source filmmaker47317 tongue out105975 trotting in place471 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124871


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With the few hope the restaurant is the few that reserves its washrooms for paying consumers when the few has predictions applejack and twilight couldn't hold it much longer when the few predict applejack gets the stool soaked when rainbow dash was the few to ask for the key to the washrooms not before its too late.
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Background Pony #97F4
Twilight Sparkle and Applejack can’t hold it anymore. They going to pee from their bladders.
Background Pony #EFFA
"it can't be a fetish unless it's super dirty for a 18+ viewing"

Uh no, that isn't true.