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She knows “how to entry”
safe1975216 artist:stasysolitude109 princess luna109383 alicorn275142 bat pony64354 gargoyle395 animated113202 armor27694 card game341 cute236892 falling3136 female1606730 gif41521 guardsmare1595 hoof hold10928 male461119 mare620099 moon28085 night guard2087 pretty909 royal guard9565 s1 luna8022 show accurate23330 sitting78930 spear2896 stallion150847 table11306 trio17784 weapon36707 youtube link11590


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Background Pony #3BFC
Night Guardmare: Princess? are you OK?  
Young Luna: Yes! but i never thinking of the statu will break and make me fall!  
Night Guard: well Princess! this is call make a entry!  
Young Celestia: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! THIS is totaly a entry! dont luna i not laught on you but the fact me too i fall like this! but mose funny is the same statu!  
Young Luna: WHAT!?  
Young Celestia: you be a baby were i fall form this statu! oh? i forget! are you ok lulu?  
Young Luna: Bit late for that!  
Young Celestia: Luna! i Care of you!…Guards make sure no pony get close of this broken statu and i want this repaire next week!  
Guards: Yes Princess and good night Princess Celestia!  
Young Celestia: thanks you! Good night luna and be careful! i dont you get hurt! ok?  
Young Luna: Yeah,Yeah! i not baby Tia! i can do my jod of the princess of the night!(she walk to her room!)  
Young Celestia: Luna…… Night Guardmare!  
Night Guardmare: Yes Princess Celestia?  
Young Celestia: i know my sister luna can do her job! i total fate on her! but i worry of her! so watch her! and if something is not right or she be sad tell right away! no mader i sleep!  
Night guardmare: I wil Princess! alter all she my Princess of the Night i server so i will watch her! like i be her shadow!  
Young celestia: sometime i think she need friends! try be her friend!  
Night Guardmare: Me? be…become her Friend? i dont think i wordy for this!  
Young Celestia: Are you try refuce my sister as your friends?  
Night Guardmare: NO!NO! Princess! but i only a guardmare!(she low her hear!)  
Young Celestia: i dont care! i want you as her friend! i true for i know you will a good friend! plus you love the night as her and i as love my sister! think of it! but i give you two years for become her! but do slowly and in the right way! (she go to her room!)  
Night guard: the sun Princess a give you a impossible mission!  
Night Guard: oh Shut up! she give me this mission for the sake of ours moon princess! i will become her friend and is will be in one year!  
one later luna become nightmare moon and be seal away. the first night wont the night princess.  
night Guardmare: i fail princess celestia!  
Young Celestia: i trusted you for this! i mission so sample! a child will succeed this mission!  
Night guardmare: i know! i am ready to face the punishement!  
Young Celestia: i will no Punishement! but you are no long a night guard! BEGONE!  
the Bat mare remove her armor right form celestia. she walk to the door and look celestia one last time and she see she a not only fail be the friend luna a need but she hurt the big sister of the princess she servin befor! and she continue her way. all the sun guard close thier eyes on her and look on the way of the door. she be like a traitor and the night guard only low thier head with eyes close. she know she put shame of the night guards. in home her brother wellcome her like all the time! and this were she tell all she do! the hold his young sister! he know his need help and love of the family! the young mare think is all her fault , luna is gone! but her brother dont belive it. she cry like a baby! say* if become her friend , she will never become this monster!* she say it all the time! 1000 year later a young bat pony mare read the dairy of her grand grand graand mother! and learn the mistake of her GGGmother.  
Young bat-mare: i will not make this mistake! now our night princess is back!…i think i will become a friend of princess luna in the name of Moonlight shine! I Moonflower will become her friend and make sure she never nightmare moon again!  
older Bat-stallion: and why the princes want a low bat-pony? GGGranny a fail to do it and why you can her can do IT?  
MoonFlower: i will become! i am a royal maid of canterlot! and why you are not a royal guard like faher? nightblade?  
Nightblade: is boring be a Guard! i prefer adventure! go do your royal boring stuff and try be friend with friend luna the failer princess!  
Moonflower: WHY YOU CALL LIKE THIS! she our princess of the night! why?  
Nightblade: WHY? i hate her for become nightmare shit! i will never forgive her for let our kind wont protection for 500 years!  
Moonflower: i know in the past many pony belive we are vampire and we are the child of the devil! is thanks of celestia our kind is alive.  
Nightblade: yeah but many of our race never forgive celestia for seal luna!  
Moonflower: YOU THINK IF EASY? TO SEAL HER OWN SISTER TO THE MOON? SEALING HER OWN BLOOD! SHE A CRY FOR LONG TIME FOR THIS! WERE I BE A FILLY SPY HER TO FOND IF SHE WHAT GRANPA SAY OF HER AND WHAT I FOND? HER CRYYING TO THE OLD PICTURE OF HER AND LUNA!….of course she see me! i be capture by her magic and she tell me everything! and is two day she fond twilight sparkle! i become her maid for know all of luna! i working very hard! plus is pay for crime of spying on the princess!  
Nightblade:….hahahahahahahaaha! wow! you spying the sun princess? are stupid you are! now you are is little slave for your crime!  
Moonflower: I am royal maid! NOT a slave!  
Nightblade: is the same think! i be late , i be out with my friends bye little slave(he quit the home to do all he do with his friends)  
Moonflower: I AM NOT A SLAVE! I AM THE ROYAL MAID OF THE SUN AND THE MOON PRINCESS!( She trough a doll to the door.)  
Moonflower: stupid big brother! i better go to my work!  
later in the caster.  
Moonflower: Wow the sun is very hot to day! but i perfer the night but i work on day and night! for two day and night and i sleep two day and two night! Oh? hi sunflower!  
Sunflower: OH! MOONY!(she hug her!) so you are ready for become princess luna friend?  
Moonflower: yes and i dont care if say no! i will never give up!  
Celestia: luna you a sleep well?  
Luna: yes! but i not regain my full power! is normal?  
Celestia: i dont luna! you are the first pony be seal by the element and your body be full of darkness! more as you know who?  
Luna: Mr fake King? yes but i want use my power for do my royal duty!  
Celestia: i know! oh? hi girls! the breakfeed is ready?  
Sunflower: yes princess!  
Moonflower: is pancake!  
Luna: PANCAKE!? oh is be so long I not eat one! Ohhhh! i can’t wait! come on sis!  
Celestia: yes luna, i coming! Moonflower!  
Moonflower: yes?  
Celestia: you dont need to force your self to become the friend of my sister to pay the sin of your GGGmother!  
Moonflower: i know but i can’t help my self? i need to be her friend! i wan it!  
Celestia: you and Sunflower are my two maid and friends i am sure will become friends with luna!Luna!  
Luna: yes?  
Celestia: this two maid are my two you know! and this one want be your friend too!  
Luna: Oh? wow! be friend with one of the royal maid is new for me!….do you love the night?  
Moonflower: of course! as filly with princess celestia we watch the star and teach me of all the star! and i know your favourite star! and i tell you too night were we look togeter!  
Luna: oh? ok! what is your name?  
Moonflower: Moonflower My princess! oh? this unicorn mare is my child friend and we both start be maid in the same time!  
Sunflower: the name is Sunflower! i am very good to make cake and pencake! and next week i will make a very speaciel cake for you princess luna!  
Luna: for me?  
Sunflower: yes and i call it a Moon cake! and will make the sun cake too!  
the maid talk with luna the time the royal cheif come with Pencake. celestia look moonflower and she see moonlight shine.  
Celestia: you finaly become her friend! moonlight shine!  
Luna: Tia! the PANCAKE ARE HERE!  
Celestia: i coming! Cheif!  
Cheif: yes?  
Celestia: make more for Sunflower and Moonflower! i know you two are forget breakfeed! Right?  
Luna: no way? I refuce to see my maid a not take the time to take her breakfeed! come with us young lady! plus i dont want you fall to sleep were will look the star togeter! right sister?  
Celestia: yes! now you two, you need to learn to take to eat befor do work!  
Luna: yeah and i dont your excuse for take breakfeed!  
Celestia: hahahaha! well time eat! thanks for food!  
Luna: Yeah! thanks for the food!( she bite Pancake and make a lovely face!)