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suggestive161993 artist:nevobaster276 twilight sparkle322004 alicorn256583 pony1224180 absurd resolution69566 adorasexy10936 alternate hairstyle31516 bent over4513 billboard221 butt142757 button991 car6775 car:futuristic era9 chinese3317 city4765 clothes524599 colored wings8538 cute222736 cyberpunk1847 cyberpunk 2077151 digital art23517 dock57508 dock piercing663 female1516157 frog (hoof)16023 future583 gun17608 handgun3174 jacket14998 japanese9206 kanji199 latex14287 latex suit4574 looking at you199123 looking back68018 mare566063 multicolored wings3446 open mouth178976 pants17341 piercing49210 pistol2332 plot99591 presenting27499 punklight sparkle806 rear view15786 sexy34722 signature31781 skyscraper305 solo1194950 solo female197083 spread legs22675 spread wings66917 stupid sexy twilight1201 tail51408 tail hole1432 text69861 tongue out119779 twibutt6634 twilight sparkle (alicorn)133515 underhoof58298 wall of tags4919 weapon34385 wings152852


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Midnight Hooves

T-twilight, what are you doing? Y-you’re starting to make me lightheaded faints onto the floor at the sight of this absolutely gorgeous mare in front of me
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Wait, is that car a dually? Neat detail, on top of an already cool design. (And cyberpunk Twi looks great, too.)
And here I was thinking she just had a lollipop in the far side of her mouth.
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Gorgeous, and I like both versions.  
They could both use a bit of object cleanup around her mouth, though. There are distracting shapes and especially that white line that really muddies up that part of the image.