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And she wept.

Part 1/?

#minimal effort backgrounds #wahoo #but i'll try my best
#No solid update schedule for this but I'll be updating it when I can
#I've got some interesting things in store I think
#Hope you guys enjoy : )
safe1600699 artist:greyscaleart874 princess celestia90488 alicorn202743 pony869504 absurd file size661 absurd resolution63922 broken glass218 castle of the royal pony sisters702 comic102371 crying40551 elements of harmony2358 female1273269 flying35120 glowing horn17286 implied nightmare moon92 mare432903 on side6403 prone23805 rainbow of harmony55 sad22945 sadlestia30 screaming3049 solo992427 spread wings49007 wings84318


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