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And she wept.

Part 1/?

#minimal effort backgrounds #wahoo #but i'll try my best
#No solid update schedule for this but I'll be updating it when I can
#I've got some interesting things in store I think
#Hope you guys enjoy : )
safe1618084 artist:greyscaleart874 princess celestia91282 alicorn206597 pony885604 absurd file size681 absurd resolution64362 broken glass224 castle of the royal pony sisters706 comic103461 crying41061 elements of harmony2374 female1288005 flying35647 glowing horn17753 implied nightmare moon95 mare440320 on side6443 prone24098 rainbow of harmony55 sad23199 sadlestia30 screaming3093 solo1005371 spread wings49754 wings88298


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